War Complicates Distribution

An added dimension of Bible distribution was initiated in 2015 by MBD that included the Syrian Refugees (living in Iraqi camps for five years) and the I.D.P. Camps (Internally Displaced People) within Iraq. The receptivity to God’s Word has been truly miraculous, as field partners have given Bibles to both groups. One ethnicity that has been particularly receptive and responsive has been the Yizidi Kurds.

In September of last year the executive committee of MBD decided to print some Bibles that would specifically speak to the Yizidi’s. They have often propagated that their Holy Book should have a white cover. So our Middle East team began to research how to have Arabic New Testaments printed and place a white cover on the book. The decision was made to print them in Lebanon and the printing and shipping took place at the end of November.

Expecting delivery in Erbil by mid-December to begin distribution during the Christmas season, our hopes have been dashed as the books never arrived. As we now close January 2016, our inquiries have revealed that ISIS has blocked the passage of many supplies into Iraq the past couple of months. It seems our New Testaments are a part of that situation.

Please pray for the soon arrival of these books so the distribution can begin. The turmoil created by war has had many ramifications and this situation has become something that was unanticipated. As we have responded from a ministry standpoint, think about those whose lives have been altered by the ravages of war; in some cases perishable and non-perishable goods have been stopped at the border.

Let’s pray for God to intervene on behalf of all mankind being impacted by these atrocities and trust peace will soon prevail in this region. We have now witnessed the unfortunate consequences of war as it has complicated our distribution.

War Complicates Distribution