A Sad Anniversary Remembered

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Last week our ministry partners were walking in an Iraqi city. They knew that it was the anniversary of the Halabja chemical attack that killed about 5,000 men, women, and children but were unsure of the exact time.  Understandably all the people of Kurdistan vividly remember the exact moment of this atrocity.  At the Halabja memorial park near the downtown bazaar they saw a big fire-type truck, and a news van positioned to take pictures of an extended line of men and women standing in front of the governor’s building which is next to a small park. Anyway, while they were buying phone cards, they asked someone what time the Halabja moment remembrance would take place? He replied in about 2 minutes!

Then the sirens went off as they did in Halabja 28 years before, announcing the approach of the bombers. On this day the whole market stopped, all traffic came to a standstill, store owners and shoppers came outside, taxi drivers got out of their cars, strangers stood silently side by side wherever they were.  Our partners also stood in solidarity along with everyone else for the several minutes of the blaring siren that recalled the day Saddam Hussein had chemicals dropped on a civilian population killing thousands.  Then everything started up again as normal.  The Kurds have not forgotten the day that WMD’s were used against them.

Allow me to remind you that last month on February 11th and 25th ISIS propelled chemicals into a populated area in Sinjar in Northern Iraq.  The first attack was by the use of mortars and the second by rockets.  Hundreds were sickened. Please pray that ISIS will never get airplanes!  Pray for the Yazidi people of Mt. Sinjar who still come under frequent attack but are trying to rebuild their devastated city.  We need God’s protection and mercy for them!

This area is just a few hours drive west of Irbil and fortunately protected by Kurdish Peshmerga forces.  Pray for a team of our partners, the Free Burma Ranger team, who continues to show the love of Jesus and distribute Christian literature and Jesus Film DVD’s while training Peshmerga medics and providing basic first-aid.

Will you join in spiritual battle? Will you come alongside? Will you pray? Will you give? Our team ministry partners need both! May the Lord richly bless you as you prayerfully consider joining us.

A Sad Anniversary Remembered