Bibles Arrived/ Bibles Accepted


A field staff person serving in the Middle East recently experienced the truth we often quote, “the entrance of God’s Word gives light”. In August of 2015 while visiting the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the plight of the Yazidi people was made known to MBD. In August of 2014 ISIS invaded the Mount Sin Jar region of Iraq and the Yazidi’s were facing genocide when our President called upon the U.S. military to fly missions to destroy the enemy that was seeking harm to this people group.

From that successful military operation many Yazidi families have been displaced from their homes in the Mount Sin Jar area and are now living in refugee camps across Iraq. Recognizing that many would be open to the Gospel after facing months of adversity and horrific events, we decided to print some Arabic New Testaments, specifically for the Yazidi’s with white covers. Why white covers? The culture equates ‘white to holy’, thus our special order of New Testaments. After being delayed at the Iraqi boarder by ISIS for more than 60 days, the books arrived safely in late spring and are now stored safely.

During the past two months a field partner has sent trained National pastors into the streets and camps to the displaced Yazidi’s seeking to listen to their stories and distributing God’s Word. It was during one such visit in June that our staff person watched and listened to the conversation as the refugees shared openly of their flight from danger and war to their crudely prepared housing and safety. As the visit was concluding, the pastor asked if they would receive one of the NT’s? The answer was “yes” for their family, and they asked for eight more to give each family living in the home a copy of God’s Word.

This kind of work is going on every day within countries that are closed to the Gospel and God’s Word, as well as places where refugees have been displaced from their homes and communities that now face an unknown future. Yet, as God’s Word is given after their stories have been revealed, the willingness to receive the light of Scripture gives hope. Will you be faithful to pray that as they read God’s Word, which has been so readily accepted, that the light of the Gospel will bring salvation? Will you also pray for more churches and Christians in our country, that they would sense the need for more Bibles to be printed and distributed to those who are receptive? That is the mission of MBD, to take God’s Word into the areas where the darkness of Islam dominates people’s lives and yet they sense the failure of that religious system. Many are turning to the light of God’s Word and the Gospel as the entrance of God’s Word continues to give light!

Bibles Arrived/ Bibles Accepted