Seed Sowing – Harvest Results

In early 2016, an alignment took place between ministry partners serving throughout the Middle East to share God’s Word by means of a new method to MBD.  By receiving a summary report from the executive leading this Spirit-led effort, we can now rejoice that the seed sowing has been completed from a human perspective as more than 63K people received the distribution.

Conversations:  A significant difference in this year’s distribution from previous years’ was the increase of conversations that took place during the distribution process.  Teams were able to have significant conversations with approximately 10% of those that received our offering.

Disciple Making:  From the conversations several dozens of people professed faith in Jesus Christ.  Because many of those conversations and conversions occurred in a specific area, a new church was started and is now meeting on a regular basis.

Testimonies: “Our team was able to have extensive Gospel conversations with over 40 people and able to pray with over 50 people.  We had several people ask what it means to follow Jesus and leave their religion?  All conversations ended with deep gratitude but no one professing faith yet.”

“We had hundreds of conversations and passed out thousands of materials, it was a good week.”

“I have been blown away by God’s supernatural way of directing our steps.  On two different occasions we were able to “randomly” meet with people we had seen earlier in the week doing distribution.  We have been able to share extensively with them; they haven’t yet crossed the line of faith in Jesus.”

Future:  With further development and testing of mass “seed” sowing technologies and approaches, our desire is to continue this partnership and trust God for this “tool” to aid in evangelism.

As the calendar is closing in on the end of another year, will you consider joining this partnership that is impacting lives in regions of our world that traditional methods of evangelism and Bible distribution can’t be done openly?  Our commitment is to take God’s Word to those engulfed in the darkness of religion and see them turn to the light of Jesus and His Word.  The results of the harvest are witnessing many coming to faith in Jesus, our efforts can continue as we are enabled to sow the seed.  Thank you for your continued assistance with prayer and giving!

Seed Sowing – Harvest Results