Distribution Pace Slowed

Heightened security constraints have caused a slowing down of our distribution network within closed country regions throughout the Middle East.  With unprecedented challenges over the past several months being experienced by our most trustworthy Bible distribution partners, our pace of delivery has slowed but not stopped.  For this, we can be thankful!  Yet, we must also be prayerful for our faithful servants who are in harm’s way that God’s supernatural protection will be a hedge about them and their families and that closed doors will soon open again.

MBD’s distribution focus was directed toward our favorite country as 2017 began.  Our first quarter schedule is to deliver 4,500 Books and that effort is being pursued daily by three of our partners that have developed extensive networks within the underground church.  Bible distribution is an integral element of church planting and outreach to those who are unengaged and unreached.  Because of continual arrests and pressure being exerted by security forces, the environment is very challenging.  In recent months, one of our distribution partners has witnessed over 70 arrests of Christians in their network.  Please pray for their safety and courageous stand for Christ to continue amidst persecution.  Also, may we faithfully intercede for the families of those who have been incarcerated.  They are truly heroes of the faith!

Three of our staff will be traveling to the Middle East region at the end of March 2017.  One purpose of this trip is to assess new ways, potentially accelerating our provision of Books and materials to our brothers and sisters in harm’s way.  Additional prayer requests:

  1. Responsiveness by our partners to new believers by providing God’s word
  2. Expansion of MBD awareness & participation to more churches…so that  God’s Word reaches into the world’s darkest spiritual places.

If not already, please go to our website and commit to the day you would take an offering or give exposure to the opportunity.  For every $5 given, we still by God’s grace can place a Book into the hands of a person within a closed country.  Will you rejoice with us that a slowed pace has not produced a stopped placement of God’s Word to those in need!

– MBD Team

Distribution Pace Slowed