Persecuted Church – Bible Distribution

Our mission is to distribute God’s Word into closed countries that have a persecuted church.  Will you join us?

Two recent experiences have once again reminded our ministry of why we have God’s calling to distribute Bibles in closed countries.  First, while reading a recent news publication about the big issues of our day, it highlighted the subject, persecution of Christians.  The report defines religious persecution as “any unjust action of varying levels of hostility directed to religious believers through systematic oppression or through irregular harassment or discrimination resulting in various levels of harm as it is considered from the victim’s perspective, each action having religion as its primary motivator.”  Many people and places in our world apply.

Second, while attending an annual event called “Secret Church”, the event-coordinators reminded all attendees that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who live with persecution throughout our world.  The idea behind the gathering comes from the time the founder “spent teaching and ministering among underground Asian house-churches.  Due to hostility from the government, from the surrounding community, and even from their own family, many brothers and sisters in Christ around the world are forced to gather in secret, sometimes at the risk of their lives.”

A volunteer prayer-emphasis during the six-hour Bible teaching was directed toward the persecuted church in Iran.  They highlighted once again the desire of Christians to have and hold a copy of God’s Word.  As we have witnessed throughout the history of the church, persecution has often been the fertile soil for the seed of God’s Word and the Gospel to spread.  Such seems to be the case in our favorite country for distribution.

During the first quarter of 2017, 4,500 books were distributed and another 20K are awaiting on the boarder to be delivered soon.  During our team’s recent visit to the region, meetings were conducted with potential couriers and in-county networks that will allow our books to be delivered and distributed to those facing persecution as defined and highlighted above.

What effort are you making to assure Bible distribution is reaching the persecuted church in closed countries?  Let me suggest a means for your participation: Pray and Give!

Will you pray for those in persecuted places to stand firm in their faith, for house churches to continue to multiply and spread the Gospel, for all believers in prison to have grace to persevere under persecution, for divine provision of couriers to receive and deliver books, and that more people within the church of Jesus would discern how they can be involved with this mission?

Will you give? If not already, please click here to donate online, or commit to the day you would receive an offering at your church, or give exposure to this opportunity.  For every $5 given, we can place a Bible into the hands of a person within a closed country.

– MBD Team

Persecuted Church – Bible Distribution