Two Countries – Two Stories

Throughout the war-torn region of the Middle East, the spreading of God’s Word to those in closed countries is bearing fruit because of faithful seed sowing and the bold witness of persecuted saints.  Two stories coming from our field partners causes us to rejoice over God’s faithful redemption of lost mankind through eternal salvation found in Jesus Christ.

#1 Our focus country for Distribution of Bibles through MBD continues to witness persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  From that environment, our field partner recently sent pictures with blackened faces of four converts following our Lord in believer’s baptism.  The joy of knowing Christ as Savior has so captured their hearts, that they have been emboldened to serve their people byway of distributing Bibles in their homeland.  The power of the Gospel not only changes one’s destiny, it also impacts desire to share the love of Christ to others.

#2 From a neighboring country, where war and ethnic fighting has been the norm for over a decade, the report of 40 refugees following the Lord in baptism causes rejoicing.  The report says, “they went to a mountain town about an hour away from the city and carried out the command of our Lord.”  Access to God’s Word and faithful proclamation has brought this result.  The need to provide Bibles to new converts to Christianity in both countries is GREAT.  Even greater is the need for New Testaments for evangelism and gift giving.  Our desire to provide Bibles and have them delivered to needy regions and then distribute each Bible is paramount.  Last week, 20,000 Bibles were taken to the boarder of our favorite country, and courageous soldiers of the cross have taken them to distribute within our network.

The request from both stories can best be articulated when one field partner shared, “Please pray for those new brothers and sisters; I’m sure they will come under spiritual attack and will suffer persecution from friends, family, and neighbors.”  Will you heed this request by interceding for those in persecuted places?  Will you help us provide God’s Word by giving $5 to purchase and distribute a Bible?  Both stories can be repeated many times over as the resources are made available for Bibles!

I John 3:17 says, “If everyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?’  While this verse might seem harsh at first, I humbly ask that you allow it to kindle the love of God in you.  How is the love of God leading you?  What might your role be to minister to those persecuted brothers and sisters in need?

We can still purchase and distribute a Bible for around $5.  The need for Bibles exceed 100,000 every year, far exceeding the supply, but every dollar counts and every dollar matters.  Will you help us provide God’s Word?  Donate now at or send your most generous gift, please make the check payable to:

Global Commission Inc.
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– MBD Team

Two Countries – Two Stories