About Muslim Bible Day

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Muslim Bible Day is a simple but strategic and effective way to respond to the greatest need that the Muslim world has today which is access to a copy of the Word of God. A love and focus on achieving this goal is what Muslim Bible Day seeks to cultivate through the simple action of giving a Muslim their first copy of the Bible.


For several years, a group of ministries has been operating a secret distribution network in the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia. This work has been done at great risk to local believers who are committed to presenting the Gospel to the followers of Islam. To date, over 2,000,000 copies of Scripture have been placed in the hands of a Muslim through this ministry. It has proven to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL and COST EFFECTIVE distribution project in history.  Yes, millions more are needed.  Will you be one to commit to help?

Today, there are fewer Bibles available to the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims than for any other major people group.

Be responsible for changing history and making a difference in the world today. You can make the difference. It only takes $5 to place a Bible in the hands of someone who has never read It’s Truths before. We are committed to provide the Word of God to each person in the Muslim world who does not have one. Will you be one to commit to help?


Give the Word $5 per Bible

When God’s people are obedient and faithful to give, the multiplication process is put into effect and the results are up to God.

National Spokesperson

Dr. Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church of Woodstock

“I have never been more encouraged with the effects of the power of God’s word than now. Join the movement in getting the Bible into the hands of many that have never owned their own. Mulsim Bible Day allows so many others to read of His story.”